Visit and exchange ideas, learn from each other and develop together---Remember to visit Jingfang Medical Company



  Visit to exchange ideas, learn from each other and develop together

  On the afternoon of September 9, 2020, Mr. Wei Li, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Tuoren Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., together with some colleagues from the Solution Department and a group of 11 people, visited the partner Jingfang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. , Zou Jianfeng, General Manager of Jingfang Company and his management team accompanied the visit.

  After arriving at Jingfang Company, General Manager Zou Jianfeng of Jingfang Company first expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the Shenzhen Tuo people, and then introduced the development history, brand building and product situation of Jingfang Company. Jingfang Medical was founded in 2013 and has been established for several years. Rapid development has been recognized by the industry.

  After Mr. Zou’s explanation, Mr. Wei Li, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Tuoren Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. first thanked Jingfang Company for its warm hospitality and praised Jingfang Company’s rapid development. Its subdivisions were outstanding. It is worth learning from. Afterwards, the two parties had an exchange and discussion, and conducted in-depth exchanges on how to develop innovative companies, how to promote products, and how to compete with competing products. Mr. Zou gave professional answers to everyone's questions.

  Visit the Honor Wall

  Next, the staff of the Jingfang company led the camel to visit the workshop, from the assembly line to quality inspection and delivery.

  After visiting the workshop, the two parties had a pleasant group photo, and then returned to the meeting room for exchanges and discussions. Next, everyone learned about Jingfang’s products and discussed some professional issues such as the needle position of the puncture rack of the intracavitary probe, The precautions for puncture were exchanged.

  to sum up

  Through this exchange and learning, the mutual understanding between Shenzhen Tuoren Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. and Jingfang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. has been strengthened, mutual friendship has been enhanced, and it has also provided a good opportunity for both parties to learn from each other’s advanced work experience. platform. It is hoped that on the road of future development, both parties will go hand in hand to strengthen cooperation to create a better future.

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