Congratulations on the successful holding of the seventh national training course on perioperative ultrasound in Xijing Hospital



  On September 18, 2020, the seventh national training course on perioperative ultrasound in Xijing Hospital, hosted by Xijing Hospital of Air Force Military Medical University and fully supported by Camel Ultrasound, was successfully held at Xijing Hospital. This training course invited well-known domestic anesthesia pain experts to conduct Wonderful lectures bring a feast of knowledge. This conference continues to use the online and offline synchronization method, which makes the audience wider and is conducive to better dissemination of academics.

  First of all, as the host, Professor Dong Hailong, director of the Anesthesiology Department of Xijing Hospital, made the opening remarks. Experts and students are welcome to participate in this training course and propose directions for the development of anesthesiology. I hope that all the students can learn something and build their own hospital Play a role.

  Professor Dong spoke highly of Shenzhen Tuoren Ultrasound. He said, “Tuoren Ultrasound is an excellent national enterprise. During the epidemic, he strongly supported Hubei and contributed a lot to the fight against the epidemic. Therefore, the chairman of the Tuoren Group was also awarded an advanced individual in the fight against the epidemic. Under the current tense Sino-US relations, we urgently need real national enterprises and medical device enterprises with independent property rights. We believe and expect that Shenzhen Tuoren can produce more models and more High-quality, high-tech products that improve patient comfort."

  After Director Dong Hailong made a wonderful opening, Professor Zhu Xiaoling, deputy chief physician of the Department of Anesthesiology, Xijing Hospital, gave a lecture entitled Basic Ultrasound and Clinical Application. Professor Zhu started with the basics of ultrasound, mainly explaining the principles of ultrasound, common ultrasound images and The design of ultrasound-guided nerve block insertion and the expansion of ultrasound in clinical applications. Explain profound theories in simple language, and use many vivid images to explain, interact with students during the course.

  Professor Xiao Jianmin, director of the Department of Pain and Anesthesiology, Ningjin County People’s Hospital in Shandong Province, is a good representative in the field of ultrasound as a grassroots hospital, and is the head of the ultrasound visualization training base for anesthesia in primary hospitals across the country. The topic he shared was ultrasound anatomy and clinical application of the spine. Professor Xiao first briefly introduced the current situation of the Department of Anesthesiology and Pain in Ningjin County Hospital, as well as the new technology developed, and introduced us to the ultrasound anatomy and clinical application of the spine through case sharing. It said that ultrasound is powerful, and many difficult cases can be carried out with the help of ultrasound, such as epidural puncture in particularly obese patients.

  After Director Xiao’s lecture, Professor Zhu Zhenghua from Xijing Hospital gave a lecture entitled The Application of Ultrasound in Airway Management in Anesthesia. Professor Zhu is a PhD in the Department of Anesthesiology at Xijing Hospital and a member of the Airway Group of the Anesthesia Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Association. Rich experience in airway management. As the lifeline of patients, airway management is very important. Professor Zhu gave a detailed explanation on the importance of airway and the progress of airway.

  After the exquisite coffee break, teacher Wang Yonghui from Xijing Hospital gave a special lecture entitled Ultrasound-guided Trunk Nerve Block. The students benefited a lot from their profound knowledge and detailed speech.

  Next to Professor Tao Zhu from the West China Hospital. The topic of Professor Tao Zhu’s lecture was what the anesthesia surgery center can do for the hospital. It is mainly carried out from three aspects: Why should anesthesia surgery be combined and the group teaching mode is used to make the students There will be more opportunities for practice and interactive learning with teachers.

  Finally, teacher Wang Yi from Xijing Hospital, the topic is the role of nerve block in the analgesia of hip fracture patients.

  After the lectures by the experts, Mr. Wei Li, deputy general manager of Shenzhen Tuoren Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. gave a speech titled "Joining Hands to Create the Future", thanking all the experts and students for participating in this training class. In recent years, Shenzhen Tuoren Ultrasound has established three training bases and three provincial training centers across the country, supported multiple training courses, and installed equipment in many hospitals, especially during the epidemic in Hubei, providing assistance and support during the most difficult and dangerous times In the future, Camel Ultrasound will continue to support the development of perioperative ultrasound medicine, and make its own contribution to the health of the people of the motherland together with the majority of medical staff.

  The afternoon "nerve block workshop" is divided into four sections of upper limb, trunk, lower limb and spine ultrasound. They are taught by Wang Shuxiu, Wang Yonghui, Wang Yi and Xiao Jianmin respectively. The group teaching mode is adopted to make Students will be able to have more mobile phone meetings and interact with teachers for learning.

  At the workshop site, there is a strong learning atmosphere, experts teach each other, and students study hard.

  The workshop's online live broadcast scene, clear images, and real-time live broadcast make it possible for people in other places to learn and spread knowledge more widely.

  workshop site

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